When A Couple Grows Into a Family

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

It’s one thing to prepare for a short term house guest or an additional family member, but there’s so much more to consider when that new family member can’t walk or talk quite yet! 

The very first decision is where in the house will The Baby Room be?  Will it be a section of the master bedroom, or will the new tiny family member have his or her own room? One huge consideration is being able to get there quickly when the child is in distress, particularly when you need to rush in at 2am when you’re more asleep than awake! Designating The Baby Room to be located on the same floor as Mommy and Daddy’s room will be much safer for anyone stumbling about in a state of grogginess. If there is no such “room” available, a professional organization firm like Declutter By Diane will help you eke out an appropriate space for the baby.

Another challenge that can get out of hand pretty quickly is how to “corral”  the hundreds of baby items into certain areas so that Mom and Dad can find what they need in a pinch and still be able to entertain their friends or relax in a tidy and soothing adult environment.  
Without planning ahead, it’s surprising how quickly Baby Things can creep into every room of the house, not allowing for a single spot for grownups to unwind. Even in a small house or apartment, common use rooms can secretly store some baby things using attractive baskets and bins without the unsightly and stressful tidal wave of clutter. 
With the proper planning and organizing, and setting rules for putting things in their place, a growing family’s home does not need to look like the inside of a Baby Supply store! Keeping things attractive and tidy will go a long way toward managing a new family’s anxiety and ability to relax.

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