One day I came home and found a pink flyer stuck in the flag on my mailbox.  I took it and read it¦.and all of a sudden the Heavens Opened Up, Angels began to Sing, And there it was the solution to my problem!  My dining room had become the junk room.  All my moms and dads stuff was in that room as well, stuff we want to keep for posterity,  but somewhere else.  In addition were a lot of old bank records and things I wanted to go through but never got around to.   It was driving me crazy.

 I called Diane.  As a result of that phone call, the things have been gone through, categorized, shredded, and whatever else needs to be done.  My moms and dads stuff is still there, because we were not finished.  But now I can eat in there.

In addition, my living room has been decluttered and rearranged.  My laundry room has been organized.  My garage storage room is in the process of being decluttered, organized, and being made ready to hold my moms and dads stuff, plus the bike, plus the lawn mower, plus my party decorations, plus the tools.etc. And it will hold all of that, because Diane has worked with me to get it done.

We have a few more rooms to go, but I figure by Fall I'll have a house with, to quote Good Housekeeping, a place for everything and everything in its placeĀ.

Besides being a totally delightful person to know, Diane Ryan is a spitfire.  She got me up off my lazy butt and had me motivated and working.  I highly recommend her.

And I've lost 5 pounds in the process! You can't beat that.



Jackson, MS






Thank you Diane for working your magic in my new home. You can imagine the stress I was under going into surgery the week I was moving. Under normal circumstances most wives/mothers would insist on organizing their own kitchen but that wasn't an option for me.  That being said, I can't imagine myself or anyone else doing a better job than you did.  You thought through it like a master chef. So functional! I love it!!

I also thank you for the extras you did in making it look warm and inviting.  Your ideas about containers and baskets etc for the closets were so practical and your willingness to bring whatever needed is beyond convenient.  I would recommend you to anyone moving or anyone who wants order in their home.  I think you are wonderful at what you do. It's definitely a gift you shared with my family!


Thanks again!





   Diane Ryan is an organizing genius, she is crazy efficient and effective.  Diane listens to you what you want and need.  Diane's organizational skills have worked wonders and my bedroom closet has really come together.  Everything is looking great and is much more efficient and attractive.  It's nice being able to find things.


Several months later, I'm still organized and have implemented most of the tips and advice Diane gave me for staying on top of the day-to-day clutter items.   Diane far exceeded my expectations of an organizer!


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